"I just feel the need to show every single piece of this man"



'…That's why you always felt guilty. Why you were always throwing yourself over the cliff after Lincoln was already dead at the bottom. It's why you went to prison and pissed your life away.'

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Q: Do you still keep in touch with Wentworth Miller?
SWC: We’ve lost touch over the years, I think. I don’t live in Los Angeles anymore so it’s difficult. But I’ve kept tabs on him and I think he’s done some brilliant work with his writing career. I wept I was so happy for him the day he came out. That was something that requires a tremendous amount of courage. I am so proud of him. I’m happy for him. That’s got to be one heck of a struggle to go from being the guy on the cover of everything, this enormous international sex symbol, to having the courage to stand up and say, “This is who I am and this is who I’m going to be and I’m going to be that publically.” I think the courage of that example probably saved more than a few lives for young men and young women around the world. And I’m proud to have worked with him. (SOURCE)

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you should start a michael/lincoln appreciation week would be awesome x'D


oooooo this is a good idea, but I think if we did an appreciation week it would probably be for the whole of Prison Break - I think it’d be best to make it as broad as possible, considering the fandom is so small on here! 

If you guys think a Prison Break Appreciation Week would be a fun idea (or if you would get involved with it), please let us know and we could consider organizing one some time :) 

“Season one, Wentworth and I were doing a scene in the infirmary and he was just waking up and coming to on this table. He says something like, ‘What happened?’ and I had to say the words, ‘We had to perform a procedure.’ But something about the way he was looking at me and because the words just sounded ridiculous — I tried not to laugh and I tried not to smile, but Wentworth could see the corners of my mouth going and then the corners of his mouth went and then we would burst out laughing. For maybe an hour we could not get this scene done because we were laughing so hard. I’d be willing to bet if you watched the video frame by frame you can probably see us trying really hard not to laugh. To this day I can’t say those words without laughing.” - Sarah Wayne Callies recalls her favorite moments from her show-stopping TV roles [x]

MY Favorite shippers No1  : Michael and Sara (Prison Break)

Why do we love these two so much?

Firstly, because of the interesting story they got in the first two seasons of the show. Prison Break was never a romantic show , it was a show full of action and a show that didnt have time to deal with each character’s storyline. Sara Tancredi was actually a character that was not supposed to last more than one season. Instead she lasted two seasons and after the huge demand of the fans she came back in season four and stayed until the very last minute of the show. The writers gave very little on screen time for Michael and Sara at the first, especially in the second season in which for almost half of it the two characters didnt even get to do a scene together. But people loved them. Actually, when you give very little time to the characters, people tend to love them more and ask for more time between them. So Michael and Sara had this interesting relationship in which Micahel kind of fooled Sara and she fell in love with him, but then she found out about it and due to her drug addiction and father issues past she helped Michael escape but took overdose of morphine and ended up in hospital. Michael on the  other hand turned out that  cared for her and loved her and thus he tried to reconnect and be with her. That’s the story of Michael and Sara and its really touching because it was well played and well written and it was bittersweet from the start to the end (Prison Break  was not a fairy tale or a love story, it was a story about survival). Secondly, the main reason the MiSa fans existed was because of the great chemistry between the two actors. Sarah Wayne Callies and Wentworth Miller had this beatuful on-screen chemistry that had everyone fall in love with them falling in love. They also had the eye contact (SWC admitted in a interview that it was Wentworth who did it) thing that we love to see in a couple , you know the one that says a lot more than the actuall words do. So basically Wentworth and Sarah made Michael and Sara so desirable and loved by the viewers since the last half of season 4 writing of the show got really bad in terms of these two characters .

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